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03/30/2013 03:16

Convicted fillm, will be shot next week

My new film convicted will be shot next weekend. Hhope I get all my props by then. I want this short movie to be as proffessional as possible.


03/30/2013 03:15

Transfering to CCAD

Looks like it's official. I will be transfering to CCAD next semester to continue my journey in art.


03/30/2013 03:13

1 More month at Cleveland institute of arts

I really learn a lot here and had one of the best experiences of my life! after this semester's over, I'm really going to miss all my art buddies.


08/08/2012 13:32


Other artists are welcome to have their work displayed on this site, just contact Kodjo at Kodjo.silver@yahoo.com


08/05/2012 21:34

Visitors notice

Welcome to Kodjoarts, More will be updated soon


08/05/2012 21:33

Website launched

More will be updated soon..